Monday, August 4, 2008

The Ca-Ca Cottage -or- Cottage #38

The Great Outdoors of Space 38:

First, let me preface this with we had the BEST time with Sarah, Andy and The Baby Shayne. We had two full beach days, the girls played very good together, Sarah and I drank cocktails and chatted during naps, the food was delicious (who says you have to eat hot dogs while camping?) Our husbands were relatively good about surf time and family time.... it was one trip I would LOVE to do every year with only a few minor adjustments

Things I'll Miss :

The beach less than 75 steps away
The Baby Shayne walking into our room every morning with the cutest bed head EVER!
BBQ'd food EVERY night.
Staying up late playing Texas Hold Em', Cranium, or Battle of the Sexes
Fresh cut fruit every morning
Girl time with my Best Bear
Seeing my husband so happy from "the 2nd greatest surf session" in his life
Cocktails.... ENDLESS cocktails! (and never having to worry about driving)
Snow Cones
The smell of everyone's campfires.

Things I WILL NOT Miss:

Having our "Cottage" less than 20 feet from the train tracks
My daughters mini anxiety attacks every time the train goes by (she thought my Mom, her Mimi, was on EVERY train)
The Trains themselves. They went by ALL day, and almost ALL night long. Including the Santa Fe Trains.
The VERY dirty floors.
Ants.. a little bit here, and a little bit there.
The Mouce. Just one, very brave mouse- with really cute ears.
Raccoons in our trash.
Cigar smoke
Sand in every crevice.
Finding a blood soaked pillow on our bed that we thankfully never slept in.
Paisley SCREAMING like someone was hurting her, while we showered together! (?)
Did I mention the Trains?
Being out of our routine for 4 full days.


Lizzie Fish said...

1) how did you avoid sleeping in your bed? not that i BLAME YOU with a bloody pillow? that is all sorts of disgusting.

2) PHOTOS????

3) so much fun! i'm so glad you got that time to spend together! hooray for new traditions!

Kalyn said...

A) I slept on top of the bed- and I brought my own pillows!!!

b) okay- working on it now-

C) yup! :) Now what's ours?

Lizzie Fish said...

other than the hedgehog thing? i still can't get over the one on our ledge. when carly gets bored, she'll point it out to me and start laughing hysterically - my cue to start laughing with her.

i was trying to explain to paul WHY it is so funny...but i stink at that. it's funny because it has been funny for so long...there's really no backstory any more which is fine, in fact i think it's even better. i love things that are great just because they ARE.

Kate said...

I was thinking about you and wondering how the camping adventure went! So glad it was fun-and bet you are happy to be sleeping at home with a routine again.

Ghia said...

so fun! where did you camp??

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