Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Holy Doly!!

Today while I was in Fallbrook, checking out Brooke's new house, which is AWESOME by the way. Paisley and Logan were running around the 2 acres and collecting Rolly Polly's. They got such a kick out of how they would curl up into little balls. Paisley was running around the back patio when I heard her yell " Wait Logan, I need my Holy Doly's!" Brooke and I looked at each other and cracked up!!! I love the funny things she says!!! later they got a big box, the size of a refrigerator box, and I dragged it onto the grass for them to play in. While I was dragging it, Paisley sand a song all about her "Box of Fun!"
THis morning, as Tommy, Paisley and I were eating breakfast, Paisley belted out "Jeees-us loves me this I know.... for the whino tells me soooooo" I have NOOOO idea where she learned this song from. We do not sing it, nor go to church! She must have heard Debbie, my MIL sing it to her once before! Kids are sooo funny!!!


brooke2916 said...

OMG, that was SO funny!! I can't wait til we're in our new house and you girlies can come over and hang out, it's going to be such a fun house for the kids!
Oh, and the part about the "whino" cracks me up!

Anna said...

LMAO......I love the "whino told me so" part....thank you for sharing as it totally put a smile on my face!!!

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