Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Liz, you may want to read with one hand covering your eyes, while peeking through your fingers:

Tonight, I was enjoying a nice salad at Souplantation with Jenny, a good friend of mine. Well, nice, isn't exactly the most appropriate word, right Jenny? All of a sudden, I look over at Paisley and she starts to gag. I tell her to spit out what was in her mouth, and she threw up- IN MY HANDS. I told Jenny what she had just done, and Jenny handed me a napkin. I told her I couldn't grab it because my hands were full of Watermelon scented throw up-thanks to the Jello she had recently ingested. Jenny dropped the napkin on my hand and I clasped my hands with the napkin. Just then, Paisley decided once was not enough. She projectile vomited. This time it went on my hands, arms, and lap. On her shirt, shorts, down her leg, into her sandals, and all down the booth. What do you do when your kid vomits in a restaurant? OMG. It was awful. As I was using the 237 napkins, and one entire travel size pack of antibacterial wipes, Paisley said to me "I'm sooooo sorry I coughed Mommy. I feel MUCH better now!" How could I be mad at her?


Our Family of Four said...

Now that is funny... for me anyway! Glad she's fine though.

Lizzie Fish said...

ohhhh how terrible for you! is everything okay? it's so sweet that she apologized...but oh my gosh! what happened???

i'm traumatized FOR YOU

brooke2916 said...

Poor P!! Unfortunatly, this has happened to me numerous times, since Logan learned that if he doesn't like what he's eating he can just throw up. Gross. I know. However, he usually does it right onto his plate... so I truely feel for the poor busboy who takes the plate.

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