Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Always On Time~!

Did I tell you that after I got THE phone call from Liz (in the hosp. waiting to have Bree) - I hung up, and had to get back to Paisley's party. I felt so awful that I did not tell her how much I love her, and how proud of her I am- so after a few hours, I called back. It went to voicemail. I figured she was over talking on the phone, and I left her a message. When I got the phone call that Bree was here, she informed me that I called RIGHT as she was pushing her out- AND- got it on video!!! I couldn't be there in the room.... but I was DEFINITELY there in spirit!!!

Love you Fisher Family!!!!!


Steph said...

What a sweet friendship you and Liz have! We all would be so lucky to have that in life!!

Kalyn said...

hahaha... I love my Fishies. It's amazing how you can feel just a close with a friend you have a little over 2 years, as with some friends you've had for 20+ years!

Brandi said...


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