Thursday, August 7, 2008

Strange Brew

I was doing some afternoon grocery shopping today, and the weirdest things kept happening. First- I walked in, and there were twin boys. About 16, maybe. When I walked in- the both were walking towards me- and I swear to God, the angle, or lighting was perfect, where I thought it was a mirrored image. They even had on similar clothes, but then again, every piece of clothing is similar for 16 year old boys. Then, as I walked by the cottage cheese section, I saw a VERY anorexic looking woman, who was in her mid to late 60's. So I think. (I didn't see the irony in that until I just typed it Cottage Cheese vs. Extremely Skinny) Her eyes were so sunken in, it was very sad. Not to mention her arms and legs- they were just skin and bones! It was awful! Later, I was looking for a particular lettuce, and I could not see it for the life of me- then all of a sudden, one fell off the top. It kinda weirded me out!!! Last but not least- I saw a very young couple checking out before me. They had W.I.C vouchers then there was a stick separating 6 bottles of various liquors, 3 cases of Pepsi, and a 12 pack of Guiness in Bottles. The Checker asked if it was theirs and they said yes. I think he was as confused as I was. How was a young family (one little girl around 9 months) needing W.I.C vouchers then spending 150$ (yes I saw their total) on liquor? I just don't understand that!


Lizzie Fish said...

wow - the things that most people wouldn't even notice. that's what you get with a photographer's eye. =)

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