Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Let's Be Thankful

Today, I actually overheard a conversation between a boy and his Mom. The 7 year old boy said,   "Did you know that water is better for you than Gatorade" and the Mom replied with.  "Yeah, but water is boring!" I was in complete shock. How could a parent teach their kid that something good for them is "boring" My favorite part was when the kid said in return, "Yeah, but water's better!" 

On another note- today, as I was sitting at a park. I saw a little girl walk up to the park with her Dad. He had cancer. (I'm assuming) His head was almost bald, and he walked like every step was painful. She was full of life, unaware of the pain her father seemed to be in. It made me think how there is always some worse off than you are. In every place, there is someone going through a harder time that you are, and that we should all be thankful for what we have.  No matter how bad we have it- how frustrated we get at times.... we are still alive, happy and healthy! 



Anna said...

so very true! thanks for the reminder. ;)

Sarah said...

OMG, water is boring??!!!! WTF?
It's amazing what some parents are teaching their kids these days. I was at the park last week and these little nine year olds were talking about how stressed out they were and how they needed their "happy pills" and they were acting like they were taking pills. Then they were being bullies towards this little hispanic boy and just acting crazy. My husband and I were like what the hell?! I was about to leave because I didn't want Ashley to over hear these crazy kids, but they ended up leaving first.
It's truly sad that some parents just don't give a $@!+ about how they raise their kids.

Steph said...

ooohhh - this is exactly what I needed to read. After my day at work yesterday I needed to be reminded of this - so thank you! you couldn't have spoken truer words. (is 'truer' even a word?)

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