Thursday, September 18, 2008

Taken From Oprah

Advice Given By Dr. Gary Neuman (go get his book, I am!)
  • Women are better givers than takers, and we tend to de value ourselves. When our husbands give us a nice gift, we day "Ah, you shouldn't have". When we should really be saying "You should have!!! "
  • Dr. Phil once said, that if your husband is doing something with another woman that he would not do in front of you, THAT is cheating. 
  • Appreciating your husband is the #1 foolproof way to avoid an affair in your marriage.  #2 Is having more sex, and #3 is hanging out with Faithful friends. Of the men that have cheated, over 77% of them had friends who cheated too. 
  • Ever marriage should have a Date night. The only 3 things they can not talk about are Money, Business, and Kids. When you were falling in Love with each other- those were not any of the issues that sparked your Love! 

Here is a GREAT link to see if your hubby is cheating

Here is my score (sadly)
Your total score is -16.

You're on shaky ground; you should be aware. Begin to cultivate a home culture of kindness, calmness, and appreciation. Slow it down. Make each other the focus. Elminate the distractions that dilute intimacy. Have time for you so you can reenergize and develop your refreshed marital plan.

***Just some fun facts from Oprah. :) I'm loving this new season! Turn it on Ya'll. 


Lizzie Fish said...

i got the same comment no matter what score i 'earned' on the test...oh oprah. always with the drama.

i do like the comments above, though! =)

Kalyn said...

You're right- I just re did it- and I got a 7. The answer was the same. Whatever!!! :) I did like what Dr. Neuman said though- pretty interesting!

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