Monday, September 29, 2008


Hey everyone, RDHMOM is hosting a Monday Funday "Show me your closet" and I am going to jump in on the fun...... you do it too!!!

THis is a part of my closet. The floor is messy- so I'm not showing you that. Up top is a purse, and a poodle skirt. Odd.

This is Tommy's side of the closet. He has a lot more clothes hung up than I actually do, he just did laundry, I need to.

Okay, now GO... go take photos of YOUR closet. No cleaning or organizing before you take photos!! Come back and let me know if you are participating!!!


Steph said...

I'm all about having a good time with posts - but HELL NO - on this one...I don't want to show the whole world how much of a slob I truly am! :)

Sarah said...

I'm with you Steph! My closet is scary right now. I think I should clean it today.

Lizzie Fish said...

ooh fun! i'll go do it right now.

ohhhh wait. gigantic poopy blowout. i'll do it after the kiddos are asleep. CUTE!

brooke2916 said...

Yeah, I'm with the other girlies... my closet looks like it belongs to a hurricane right now!

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