Monday, September 8, 2008

Mushy Mushy

So- I've been thinking a lot lately about how to keep Paisley in the positive. Sometimes when she gets frustrated with things, she says "UH- I can't do it" and it really bothers Tommy and I. We don't want her to say "can't". W would like her to word it in the positive and keep it moving forward. I checked out this website for Dove and I think it is awesome. My Mom raised me in a very positive, outgoing world- but it was never intentional. My Paternal Grandma was a VERY positive and outgoing woman, and my Mom learned this from her. How do I teach Paisley to be like my Mom and my (then) Grandma? If I had to only teach Paisley one thing in the world, it is that she is beautiful inside and out and that she can do anything she wants. Okay- that's two. To me, confidence is such a huge thing. With self confidence, I truly believe that she can do anything!

Paisley is the daughter that I have always dreamed of having, since I was a little girl. Even her sassy attitude! All I want for her in life is confidence. I know she can do it with my guidance- my question is how do I do it?


Lizzie Fish said...

she'll get it because of how you live your life...she doesn't hear you running other people down all day long and she watches you get up and keep going when you have a's all about what she sees every day and that's good stuff! i can't really give you any advice because it's not like i've been there or done that...i'm still living it, too =)

Brandi said...

Ryan says he can't do something after his first try, usually gets mad and throws it or makes us put the entire thing away. It is frustrating to say the least. The only thing I know to do is say "sure you can, let's try again. do you want some help?" Other than that, I think he needs to work it out on his own. I can't force him to try, he has to want to. I'm hoping that comes as they get older...i hope :) They are good kids, just trying to find their way. Lots of new things like preschool starting, etc. Changes!

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