Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Random Thoughts of a Mommy

  • We have been invaded by flies. They are driving us nuts! There is not an abundant amount of flies where I feel like I need to call someone, but there are certainly enough to bug me. Luckily, Tommy bought me a flyswatter and Paisley is getting a kick out of watching me! :)
  • Tomorrow is Paisley's second day of school, but her first real day. We will be dropping her off, and coming back 3 hours later. Hopefully she wont have as hard of a time leaving school as she did Tuesday! *Wait... did I even tell you??? OMG!!! Tuesday, she did great in the classroom.... she was having SO much fun. She didn't even know if we were there or not. However, when it was time to leave, my little teachers pet put on a screaming, leg kicking hissy fit, because she wanted to stay and learn! Cute in words- not so much in person! 
  • Today has been the most eventful, uneventful day in a long time! We stayed home all day, but I booked a wedding and will hopefully be booking another gals wedding. Keep your fingers crossed! 
  • This next year is going to be a year of travels. In December, I am going to my Grandmas in Phoenix with Paisley. THen in May I am going to Palm Springs for a full week with my Mom. Somewhere in between those two- I will be going to Louisiana to visit the Fischers! I am sooo excited! I can't wait.... oh, then I have my HS reunion! WOW! SO much going on!!
  • Paisley now has 9 "babies" in her bed at night. I let her have "Raff" and "Roar" (A giraffe and a Lion) because they were so cute and tiny. Plus, they just went together. Then, "Mackie" came along- a Macaroni Penguin. Then it was "Shamu". "Dumbo" graced us with his presence next. He is an elephant, go figure. Then She got "Cookie" a black and white doggie, for her B-day. He came with a purse! Then, one day at Brookes house, she found a stuffed animal doggy that was white with black spots. His name is "Spots" but for some reason, she calls him "Farts" (without the "r") Last but not least, she got a kitty cat in the mail from my mom. Her name is "Sadona" (my Mom got her in Sadona AZ.) but P calls her "Donut". I'm forgetting one. Who is it? Whatever- anyways.... her bed is turning into a ZOO. Luckily, they are all the size of beanie babies, but please- NO ONE get her a stuffed animal!!!!


Anna said...

ha ha...Isabel's bed is consumed with dolls, stuffed animals, and books! Good thing I got her a full size bed or there would be no room for her! It must be a normal girl thing to do at this age though...I know it makes Isabel feel very secure! And, um, where are the pictures of P's first day of preschool?!

Kate said...

same at our place-nathan must have 20books in his bed. He tells me he needs one more and that the bed is big so he can have lots of books! Also, my grandma lives in Scottsdale, AZ, right next to Phoenix. Hmmm....maybe they are friends! We have not ventured anywhere on a plane with Nathan yet and AZ is a hike from Maine so we see her when she comes East (at 87 she is still traveling, living in her classy condo and having luncheons and dinner parties daily-must be that desert sun!) Can't wait to hear about the first real day of school! What did MAMA do for 3 quiet hours?

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