Sunday, October 26, 2008

I must confess:

I HAVE to do this in order to free myself of guilt, that, or go back to the corner of El Camino Real and Plaza Camino Real and apologize.

Yesterday I drove past 2 different intersections in Oceanside with different groups of people protesting for and against Prop 8. Now I, myself am voting "No on Prop 8". However the wording in the voters booklet and on signs tend to confuse me.

Yesterday I had a girlfriend of mine in the car. We were on our way to Tommy's work when we saw a group of people with Prop 8 signs. I figured it was yet another group of people saying yes on 8 so I told her we needed to boo them, and give them thumbs down. I was so excited to rebel. (Hey I get my thrills where I can) As we were approaching the people, she said- "Are you sure they are Yes on 8? They all look really gay?" I said "No, I am YES on 8" (when I am really "No on 8") We drove up next to them, booed as loud as we could, gave them thumbs down and laughed. I KNOW!!! As we drove away and the Handicapped Lesbian shook her head at us, I realized I had booed the wrong group of people. I felt AWFUL! I honestly can not believe I did that, as funny as it is (in the biggest picture) it is just plain right awful. I can't get it out of my mind, and I think today I will go back to that corner and apologize, and even volunteer my time. I don't think I can live with myself as a person until I do some thing to change that!

NO ON (H)8

(you may now return to regular non political viewing!)


Our Family of Four said...

Well I'm a little confused because I dont' know what Prop 8 is. Hey, I'm in another country! But my question is do you feel bad because you booed a group of people expressing an opinion in a peaceful manner or because you booed people you agree with?

Kalyn said...


Prop 8 is to remove the law that allows Same Sex Marriages in California. So, I am "No on 8" because I think it SHOULD be allowed.

(sigh) :)

McCoyFamily said...

All these props are enough to confuse anyone....

I think as long as you vote No on 8your helping them and you shouldn't be sad for making a mistake:)

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