Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 lbs Gone! & Turkey Talk

Thanks fir the luv ya'll. I know there are more of you out there.... you're just "scared" :)

Also- I just want to tell everyone that I am officially UNDER my "Big Mark" in weight loss. I lost 12 lbs this past month or so- and I am sooo happy. 2 of those pounds have "magically" transformed into muscle! YAY ME!!!

So, as the Holidays fast approach, I want to know what you all are doing. Do you have any traditions that you do for Thanksgiving? Is there a "Special" dish that someone brings... or better yet, a "Dreaded" dish??? I'm curious. This is the first year that this many of my friends aren't here- localy. So I'm itchin' to know!!

For me- well, I spend Thanksgiving with my parents every year. The past 3 years they have been up in Solvang, and it is a capitol "P" Pleasure to go up and spend time with them. This year, we will be celebrating it one week early, we leave on the 20th. As far as food goes, my Mom always makes these fancy turkeys with sage and infused with red wine (natch). I love seeing what she comes up each year! Also- we aren't traditional Pumpkin Pie people.... we eat "Cheese Pie" which is TO.DIE.FOR. YUM. Picture a Cheesecake but this is made with lemon juice and it has a tart sour cream topping. DOUBLE YUM! I can't wait. It is going to be one hell-of a cheat night! :)

As for the official Thanksgiving, we will be celebrating it here with my MIL and my little family. I am so excited to be preparing Thanksgiving this year. I haven't done it myself in a few years! I've escaped the stress! :) I'm going to try to Brine my Turkey this year (wish me luck) and make "Creamy Mashed Potatoes (they have a BLOCK of Cream cheese in them!! What? I wont be eating it! :) I am also making a new stuffing. I love making stuffing. My favorite kind is ones that have cranberries in it. YIPPEE!!! This all makes me soooo happy!!! :)

Okay, now go... comment away... tell me your stuff!


Anna said...

We are going to Tom's cousin Pam's and her hubby's Dave's home for Thanksgiving. There is a variety of different foods with of course a turkey too and people we don't see often enough! I'm sure some of them will be amazed at how much the children have grown & changed since last year's Thanksgiving day! :) By the way, Pam is the one who had Isabel as her flower girl. =0)

Brandi said...

We do the same thing every year and now that we've been back for a few yrs we host, though I do not do the turkey. Mom brings it over in the morning and takes care of it. We always discuss the green bean casserole that I make (recipe off the can) but I love it...my mom hates it so we must discuss how she won't even TRY mine. Ethan is in charge of mashed potatoes. He will not accept fake or boxed. Then we will celebrate again with his family but that is never figured out until last minute because that is how is family rolls. My family has their stuff together so we get the actual day. And this year we will be eating amidst a ton of moving boxes. And we'll be playing Wii bowling cuz that is what we do.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kalyn-my fam is coming to my house for turkey day this year. Should be fun. Christmas is currently a mess....ALL the extended families-in-laws etc want us for Christmas and I am dead set on staying home. I have a believer and I want him to wake up in his own house to his own tree that he picked out and cut down and decorated to his own santa presents! And I want to go to our own church on xmas eve...oh, I am being paged...need to run -kate

Steph said...

Congrats on your success in the gym! That is AWESOME!!!

McCoyFamily said...

We are staying home this year and I'm making my first Turkey ever so you might want to have the Fire department on standby, LOL...

Have a safe trip up to Solvang!

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