Saturday, November 29, 2008

Like Usual- I'm all over the place.

So... how'd YOUR Thanksgiving go? Mine was excellent thanks for asking ;) I was kinda nervous about my oversized bird this year- but all went well. I cooked it in an oven bag, added some sweet onions, granny smith apples, and voila 3 hours later- my bird was 195 degrees, brown on the outside, white and juicy on the inside! I am so proud.

Paisley was, well, not so perfect. She was great all day and evening, but when it came to actually sitting down and eating the meal that I had made.... notsomuch. She did this at my parents too. She wouldn't eat anything but the green beans and bread rolls. I had to sit there and bribe her to take a bite of something. I finally gave up (both times) and just told her no pumpkin pie. She didn't budge. Oh well..... what cha gonna do?!

On Wednesday, thats right, the day BEFORE Thanksgiving, Tommy got on the roof, and hung the lights. I was so excited that we were the first ones on the street to have them up. I wonder how many houses will have them up after this weekend. Tommy got really into it this year, I don't know if it is because of how excited Paisley is about it all, or if he has the Holiday Cheer in his heart already like I do. Speaking of.... have you heard of The Elf on the Shelf? OMG. I first read about her on Bring The Rain, it is too cute. I have never heard of it before, and I am totally buying one this week. I have been talking to Paisley about our Elf that will be showing up any day, and she is getting sooooo excited. She keeps telling me that she will be a good girl, so Santa will bring her toys. I just love this idea.if I could keep this up for every month of the year, I would. Hmmm.... I wonder if they have a New Year, Valentine, St. patrick Day etc. elf?????


Lizzie Fish said...

you could just tell her there are cameras in all the lights except in the bathroom, so she can be paranoid all the time. haha - whatever works! =)

Kalyn said...

hahaha..... that could work too. But I like the Elf- it's a little LESS frightening. :)

Anonymous said...

I saw those for sale at Hallmark yesterday and didn't bother to stop to check it out. Just googled it and it sounds like a cute and new idea. Keep us posted on how it goes!
And way to go on cooking Thanksgiving-I left that up to my husband who thankfully spoils me by loving to cook! Kate

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