Sunday, November 9, 2008


Today we did a little secret shopping at Toys R Us. They had one of their Blow Out Sales, and we got a few presents for Paisley. She was with us in the cart, but we did it secretly. I would walk her around an isle, and then creep around, and show Tommy. He would nod if he liked it, or frown and shake his head of he didn't. It was kinda fun. THere were several families doing what we were doing. One family said they did not care if she saw her presents.... that she would forget what they were by then! :) So, today one of our great fins was the Playskool Dance Cam. Paisley is going to FLIP over this. I can't wait to do it with her!!! :)

Then, we got her a "gym" for her Littlest Pet Shop animals, a movie, and another little toy. We are in the process of re doing her play room (again) so we can fit in the new Cherry Blossom Market" that she, ahem, I want. :)

I love Christmas. I love all the shopping it allows me to do- without guilt. :)


brooke2916 said...

LOVE the new title banner!! And YAY for early Christmas shopping (okay, maybe not so early for most people, but early for me LOL!) She is going to be SO STINKIN CUTE with that little dance camera.

Anna said...

I also have been eyeing that dance camera thing on the commercials for Isabel! She desperately wants a guitar (I know!) and the Leapster handheld game system so maybe the dance camera will be for her bday in April. :) Oh, & I totally found a pink princess guitar at toys r us! My little rock star! Congrats on your finds! Xmas shopping for your own little one is soooooooo fun!

Lizzie Fish said...

FREAKING adorable. that dance cam is the coolest!

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