Sunday, December 21, 2008

Last Nights Recap

Last night I went to Brooke's Mom's Christmas party. It was SOOO fun! We had a gift exchange and I got to pick 2 numbers out of the hat because Paisley and I both brought a gift. I got number 14, and Paisley got number 2. She picked a Fire Truck that dispenses M&M's How appropriate huh? :) When It was my turn, I chose a gift card to the Movie Theater. It was great!!! Paisley and I both left with GREAT Gifts. :) Paisley also left with a new LPS Giraffe, and Mouse that Santa gave her! When Santa came and she was done telling him what she wanted, she jumped off his lap, ran over to me hugged me (very tightly) and said "Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!" She was so caught up in the moment, even though she had the wrong expression- I loved it!

A quick recap of last nights funnies:

  • Paisley losing her panties
  • Secret Crush's 
  • Doing shots w/ Brooke's Brother
  • Brooke and I being Secret Stealth Agents
  • Karah hiding in the Playroom
  • Paisley trying to break out the front door to find the Reindeer
  • Santa's Mole
  • Logan & Paisley making out

Today we are staying home, taking it easy watching Classic Christmas movies. The heater is running, we are both still in our PJ's and I am just enjoying the season. I can't believe it is almost over. It has gone so fast this year!!! Have a wonderful Sunday!


brooke2916 said...

We had SO much fun! Thanks so much for coming, it wouldn't have been the same without you girlies :)

Oh, did you ever find P's panties? And I think it's funny that you have the panty loss and P & L making out in the same section! LOL! It was all G rated people!!

Anonymous said...

You both look beautiful and how fun! Enjoy these next few days with Miss Paisley! -Kate

Lizzie Fish said...

hmmm...paisley was making out and she lost her panties? yikes!

Anna said...

Ha ha that is great! Any making out pictures?! LMAO

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