Friday, December 19, 2008

Poor Baby!

Caylee Anthony's remains were identified today. I have been following this case closely, and am utterly disgusted by it. Poor, poor, sweet baby girl. She did not deserve it- and I hope whoever did this pays. I have nothing nice to say about people who do these kinds of acts. If it was in fact the mother (which it appears to be!) she should have just given her up to her parents, or someone else.... there is NO NEED to do this!!!!!!

My heart aches for the family of Caylee Anthony.

Caylee's Website


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brooke2916 said...

I, too, have been following this case very closely since it all started. I think it's horrible. I totally agree with you, whoever did this should get what they deserve. When it comes to children being hurt, I'm kind of an "eye for an eye" type of person. Hopefully they can find out soon who did it.

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