Sunday, December 7, 2008

Paisley the Gift Giver! :)

This morning while Paisley and I were snuggling in bed, I asked her what Tommy and I were getting for Christmas, she told me Daddy was getting a new watch, pillow, and bed. :) Then she told me I could get whatever I wanted. She pointed to various things in my room... it was cute! She even told me I could get new "Scapbookies" if I wanted to! :) When I asked her about everyone else she knew, this is what she said:

Mimi: New Dishes and a new "wee" (Hammock)
Papa: New Golfs
Merlot-sie: New Doggy Toys
Oma: A new Table, and "Brekist".
Grandpa Tom: New hat
Aunt Mary: A new finger (she lost half of her finger in an accident!) ;)
Sarah: New TuTu's and new boobies ;)
Shayne: New Caterpillar Jumpy (like in the garage)
Boop- A new Car and small boobies like these... (she pointed to hers!)
Logan: New shoes and a new Fire truck
Mason: New tattoos
Liz: A new phone
Carly: New Toys and a new movie
Bree: New Tattoos


brooke2916 said...

OMG! That is the cutest thing ever!! Can she beg Santa for me to get me a new car?? That would be great! But, I don't really want smaller boobies... but maybe a lift and "firm" 'em up a bit!! LOL!!! She is so cute!

Lizzie Fish said...

at least MY boobies passed inspection HAHAHA and the tattoos are cracking me UP

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