Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vent Session

HI. I am going to vent for a few seconds.

I am SOOOO sick of wondering if there are BAD people out there. I am a very open, and trusting person. Some people may think too trusting, but whatev. I am a positive person by nature, so it goes with the program. Today, I was looking on my you tube account- making sure there weren't people that I don't know subscribed to me- and there was. I don't know if it was a man or a woman or if it could be a possible pedophile. I looked at what some of there favorites were, and they were all videos of kids. Some from Mexico, others from the US. There were even a few on medical examinations of kids. I of course then, blocked them a a user/viewer to my videos. Who knows- they could be a med student- or something along those lines. But either way, it makes me nervous. I try not to live my life always wondering if there is a "Bad Guy" that is going to hurt me or Paisley, but sometimes it makes me nervous. I get a lot of older men (usually at the grocery store) coming up to Paisley and talking with her, and saying how beautiful she is and that she looks so much older than 3. Which she does in my opinion..... but still. I have even had numerous people come up to me and tell me she looks like Jon Benet Ramsey (which is a compliment AND an insult) *sigh* I like to think that these are nice people who just miss their Grandbabies or are just being kind. But at times, it is a bit overwhelming. I just wish this place wasn't so hard sometimes, and that everyone could trust everyone.

There. I'm done now.


brooke2916 said...

I feel your pain, hun. I hate that we have to worry about these things... but the truth is that we do. It sucks that there are such creepy people out there that make us have to think about it.


Our Family of Four said...

On a happier note... I just caught myself up with your blog and I'm so happy Paisley is feeling better, your hair looks fantastic, your house warm and cheery and all is right with my little family. Merry, merry!

Anna said...

Trust me, I understand. It seems no one is safe. And remember, it is usually someone you wouldn't suspect and most of the time someone you know. Which is so bad! I find myself double guessing people in my life I should be able to trust. **double sigh** But yes, the internet scares me which is why I make my myspace & blog private. At times, I would love to make it public but it just scares me too much! Sometimes our jobs as parents can be overwhelming...but we can do it! :) Hang in there & enjoy that sweet girl.

Lizzie Fish said...

yeah, i feel you, too. the world is a scary, scary place. i'm always too squicked out to really put what i'm most afraid's like i don't even want to say the word. and i have to be honest with you - i would kill someone.

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