Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm not fishing... I swear!!!

DId I tell you what I did the other day while on my much needed alone time? I donated blood!!!!! I have never done it before, but grew up watching (literally) my Dad do it every 8 weeks. Religiously. I always have wanted to, but there are some requirements, like no tattoos within 12 months, not having a baby, stuff like that. So I went through my mental checklist, and I qualified!!! I walked in and got all nervous... but after 5 minutes of donating (they said I was Super fast at it- normal people take approx. 10-15 min.) (Maybe it was b/c I kept squeezing the ball to make it go faster!!! :) 2 cookies later, and a cranberry juice- I felt great, and VERY proud of myself for being so selfless on my Me Day! :) To top it all off, there was a massage therapist there offering free 15 min. massages!!!

To TOTALLY copy Liz and Stephanie, here is a version of my List:

1. To go to the gym 5 days a week.
2. Make Paisley smile EVERY day. (Not a hard task!)
3. Do something kind for a random stranger EVERY DAY!!!
4. To scrapbook more- believe it or not, I never do anymore!!
5. Allow myself to get a pedicure once a month :)
6. Go on date night twice a month. (I'd like more, but I'm being real here people!)
7. To clean my home more often :)
8. Teach Paisley about donating and the act of giving.
9. Educate myself more on a particular subject.( nothing in particular, I just want to stimulate my brain!!!)
10. Be a better Friend.

....and that's all folks! :)


Lizzie Fish said...

hehehehehe brody's on the sidebar

GREAT list! so excited to see how it all works out! and congratulations on donating blood! someone is going to REALLY appreciate that! =)

Brandi said...

I've tried to donate 3x and always have low iron, no matter what so YAY for you! Love the list. Wanna do one for me?

Kalyn said...

yeah, I had no idea I had to get my finger pricked first- to test my iron count. My iron count was high he said, so it was good to go. But Man..... when he squeezed my finger to get it to bleed- that hurt more than actually donating!!! :)

Anna said...

Good job! Thats great! And thats a great list! I need to think of one. It helps keep things in a positive and motivating light! :)

Anonymous said...

OH Kalyn you are SO GOOD! Giving blood and all-that is so nice! Great list too......So happy to see you blogging again-I've missed reading your blog this past week! -Kate

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