Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sitting is Expensive!

Today we went chair shopping. CHAIR. SHOPPING. Not my favorite kind of shopping- but it still has the good word in it. SHOPPING.

Can you believe chairs can cost like 399$. I know there are more expensive chairs, but at Staples? You see, Tommy starts Paramedic school in 2 weeks, and he needs a good chair to sit in. Compared to the good chairs we have at our kitchen table, or the fold out ones in the garage, or the one at my computer desk. When we were at Staples, the cheapest one we saw was 39.99$. That is just insane to me. The next price up was 79.99$ I even asked the sales clerk where all the 49.99$ 59.99$ and 69.99$ chairs went. That is just a huge price gap to me.

We didn't end up getting a chair. I need him to understand that the FREE chairs in our garage work just fine. After all, all you do is sit in it.


brooke2916 said...

this might be a stupid question... but what exactly does he need the chair for?? Is he bringing it to school?

Check Craigslist... they have LOADS of stuff like that. Even the garage sale section of the penny saver.

brooke2916 said...

Okay, I'm re-reading my question and it looks a little: DUH! I know the chair will be used for sitting in... I just meant does he need it for in front of your computer, is he bringing it to school?? Okay, maybe now I won't look so dumb brunette (can't say blonde anymore!).

I need coffee. I must look crazy to your other readers.

Lizzie Fish said...

we luvs you b/c of your crazy. =)

can you post some photos of your new sb stuff? at least that will get it out of the bag/box/drawer/folder and onto your work surface! HA. i'm jealous of your work surface! =)

AND...i may be biased but i love that title bar. it's one of my favorites and i really think it 'gets' what you're about. =)

Kalyn said...

We are setting up a desk for him to have here in the front room (not my ideal location) so he can sit and study. He suggested my scrap table. But I shot that idea down fast!!! SO, with a new desk, comes a new chair :)

you're not crazy Boop- I write bad. I just assume people know what I am talking about. Liz. You want photos??? YOU GOT PHOTOS!!!! :P

The Tinnerstet's said...

Ha, I know how you feel. Muir bought a CXO chair and I about flipped.

Kalyn said...

Yeah, but Muir does computer work. I can understand that more. :) But still... that chair is EXPENSIVE!!!!

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