Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Sticky Traps Needed Here! *PHEW

Paisley has a pet mouse. It's not real, she stole it from the Halloween store back in Oct. I did not know it was "stolen" until we got home and I saw it clutched in her hand. (that's a whole 'nother story) The next day or so, she was swinging it around by it's tail in the car, it went airborne, and that was the last we saw of that little squishy mouse.

We found the mouse yesterday while we were waiting for school to start (I like to be early) Paisley has not let this little thing out of her sight. RIght now, she is tucking him in on the couch. He is all wrapper up in her blankie. She asked me if he can go take a nap with her and I explained the no toys in bed rule. (of course that excludes the 12 or so stuffed animals and the 3 baby dolls.) I'll take a photo of Paisley with her mouse in a bit. Liz- now THIS is the kind of mouse that is okay to have!!!


Lizzie Fish said...

no freakin' kidding. i always feel like such a gross tacky trailer chick when we have wildlife. i've already vacuumed out the cabinets to make myself feel less squicked. =)

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