Friday, January 9, 2009

They Talk The Talk

While I was at the gym today, I picked up a Prevention Magazine while on the Precor Trainer. (Like an Elliptical) I started reading- and the more I read, the more confused I got.  Why is it that so many people say so many things? For example: Joe Schmo A says walking briskly for 15 min. every morning will help you  lose weight 5% faster than not walking in the morning. But the Joe Schmo B  says to not walk in the morning- to only do weights. Another example: Eating one cup of blueberries every day will help your skin look and feel smoother. Almonds will help the shininess in your hair and 3 oz of Pomegranate seeds will help you prevent heart disease. 


It's the same with Parenting too. There are so many people telling you what to do all I am left with is confusion, not a clean colon.  Seriously, if I ate (or drank) all the things that each and every health professional told me to, all I'd do is gain weight, not lose it. 

Am I the only one who gets confused with all this talk?


Lizzie Fish said...

yeah, it can get really confusing when the experts...highly trained and experienced people...disagree. but blueberries and almonds and pomegranate seeds sound awesome. hooray for polyphenols and antioxidants. =)

Kalyn said...

yeah- I've got a pretty good understanding of it all- I just do't like how one person can say one thing- and then days later, I hear some one diff. say something completely diff.

I guess you just have to find your way, and follow one person to listen to. Ya know???!!!!

brooke2916 said...

I've always found this frustrating. It's actually the main reason I don't research health issues and a lot of parenting stuff online, everyone says something diferent, but everyone thinks they're right. So, I always just stick with what my gut says and follow that.

Our Family of Four said...

Everybody is different in personality and body. So... I think when you read you just need to keep in mind that a lot of it is theory and that the reaction of YOUR body or the manner in which you raise YOUR child play a lot into the results. I use it all as information gathering and see what works for me and my family.

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