Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stand By Me

I urge (all 7 of you) to watch this 5 min. video. It is truly amazing..... truly breathtaking.


Lizzie Fish said...

That is SO COOL!!!!

Listen for as much as I griped about New Orleans when I had to live there, it is super duper cool that I know exactly where that guy is sitting. This is AWESOME how they coordinated to play together all over the world! Truly amazing! So cool!!!

Kalyn said...

click on the You Tube link when it is over, and watch the other songs. I am going to preorder the CD- I just Love it. :)

Speaking of good finds, go on itunes and search for: Ray Lamontagne "Be Here Now" and the new artist "Rosi Golan" all her songs area great on "The Drifter and the Gypsy" CD.

oh, and also... Leona Naess "Ballerina"

KILLER finds. Yay me! :) hahahaha

Sarah Campagna said...

What a great video. You always find awesome music. =)

FosterFamily4 said...

AMAZING!!!!! That is one of the most incrediblt videos I've ever seen. What a concept. Thanks for sharing.

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