Thursday, February 19, 2009


This is SO super dooper cool.


Go do the quiz, then come back and tell me what styles you are. Liz- you are gunna LOVE this :)

FYI: I am 50% French Eclectic, 40% Wine Country, and 10% Nantucket


FosterFamily4 said...

OK, so I know I'm delirious from no sleep...but I took the whole test and couldn't figure out how to get my results. LOL.

Kalyn said...

after you take the test a big green screen comes up and you click on the words "Now, on to the results"

Hope that helps!! :)

FosterFamily4 said...

37% Classic
37% Traditional Country
27% Traditional Asain

That was fun ;)

Our Family of Four said...

67% wine country style
33% Classic

Pretty accurate for me :o)

Sarah C. said...

100% Wine country style!

Brandi said...

I am 60% wine country, and 20% each of nantucket and traditional.

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