Friday, March 6, 2009

They REALLY do say the darndest things....

Today while in the car, Paisley and I had the following conversation*

P: Mom, I like to eat boogers!
Me: WHAT? Eww.. That's gross!
P: No they're not... they're good!
Me: What do they taste like?
P: long pause.
P: Umm.... they're Scrumptious!

* which is completely fabricated. She KNOWS to not eat them. I'm just sayin'.


Anna said...

LOL! Thats great! Why no more pics of the precious princess herself?

Brandi said...

We've had very similar conversations to that. A lot of times he says things taste like "fajitas" or "apple pie." Not sure where he got that from since I don't think he has eaten either.

Kalyn said...

hahahaha..... Boogers. I love that word. :)

Anna- I don't really post photos of her on here often. I have a different photo link if you want me to sign you up on that. :)

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