Thursday, June 4, 2009

"The Man Plan"

From the book "The Man Plan" Here are a few ways to spark up your marriage!

"There is a chemical release in your brain that you can actually re create to get that new feeling in a relationship! (also known as the Honeymoon phase!)

*Novelty is Key to a marriage.

Go to a new restaurant, or if you can't do that, cook new meals or try new fruit!

Change your music. If you like country, try some new Arabic music! New music brings new moods into the home!

Chocolate is the ONLY knows aphrodisiac.

Change your sheets to spark up your love life. If you sleep on flannel, try Sateen for a month.

Change your perfume!!! He will think there is a new woman in the home! Vanilla and Grapefruit are scents that attract men. Grapefruit is a scent that gives men the impression that a woman is thinner and younger!

Go on a vacation. One summer trip a year WITHOUT kids! Even if it is a hotel down the street.

Have a One Night Stand with your husband. Bring something fun and new to the bedroom. Put some chocolate, or body oil in the nightstand! 98 % of men like "it" with the lights on.


Lizzie Fish said...

great ideas! also - please fix your blog. this new font is making me crazy. thanks!

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