Sunday, May 31, 2009

Things I Lie To My Child About:

1. If you don't take your nap- then we can't go to the park, it will close.
2. If you don't eat your vegetables, you wont grow up!
3. If you eat too much Ice Cream, your butt will get big. (ok- that's true!)
4. If you grab things off the shelf (at the grocery store) the man in the back will come and yell at you!
5. If you don't eat your dinner (in a restaurant) the man in the back will come and yell at you!
6. If you cross the street without holding a parents hand, a car will squish you. (mostly true)
7. Shamu has the sneezies.
8. Playwerx is closed today. They called and told me that you shouldn't have hit Mommy!!!
9. *Ring, Ring* (pretend phone rings!) "Hello Mrs. Hansen" (her teacher) "What? You want Paisley to eat all her dinner so she can watch a movie?! Okay!!! "
10. If you leave any of your toys on the floor, I will throw them away (ok- totally true.)


Anna said...

ha ha...the butt one made me laugh! :P

McCoyFamily said...

I love these:)

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