Sunday, July 5, 2009

$UPER $AVING$..... (but I still {heart} Target!!)

**EDIT** the prices line up on my end- they are just crooked on here- yes, it bugs me! ;)

O.K. So I am soooo excited right now, I had to blog about it. It's my 4th of July resolution ;)

I did a little grocery shopping today for some of our weekly stuff and I knew that our Walmart (across the street) was getting ready to have all it's cold foods in stock. You see, it's always been the ghetto, more white trash version of a Walmart, but for the past 6 months, they have been renovating it, making it a Super Walmart!  All I have to say is- It is SUPER! I am in love. I can not wait until it is fully stocked! We have about 2 more weeks until it is finished, but I love how clean and shinny it looks!!! It makes me feel better about shopping at a Walmart! As far as the prices go- they are literally ONE DOLLAR cheaper, if not more, on EVERYTHING!! I bought some of my grocery items at Walmart- then went to Vons ( for my Organic stuff) and while I was there, I actually went and price compared the items I had just bought at Walmart. Here is the comparison:

                                         Walmart                               Vons

Sara Lee Bread                 2.48                                       4.19
Tampax Tampons            5.47                                        5.89
Jiffy PB                             1.50                                        3.50
Eggo Pancakes                2.44                                       4.39
Coke Zero                        3.99                                       5.99
Rice Krispies                   3.99                                       3.99
Special K Strawberry     3.98                                       4.99
"             " Blueberry       3.98                                       4.99

 TOTAL:                        $26.83                                  $37.93          $$$11.10 in SAVINGS!!!!!!!!!!!

Those are just the things I bought this week- so I could compare, next week will be a bigger shopping trip, and I will price check again!!! I am so addicted to this saving money thing, I am going to start a Personal Challenge tomorrow. Come back and read what it is tomorrow!!!! :)


Lizzie Fish said...

OMG! Thats amazing. We went to Target as a family today and Paul kept a running tally in his goal was to get under 120, and when we put the last item in our basket he said it was 112...our total was 111.89....amazing!!!

I love this...please do it next week! I can't believe the diff in the bread! In-freakin-credible.

FosterFamily4 said...

Now...I know this has nothing to do with Walmart but don't forget what I told you about Trader Joes milk...A GALLON of ORGANIC milk from TJ's is $1.79 as opposed to almost $5 or $6 from the grocery store!!! Milk and, cage free, eggs are $1.39 a dozen. TJ's Rocks!!!

Kalyn said...

TRUE!!!! I am going to have a shopping list for 3 stores next week.... maybe I can eliminate Vons all together. Don't get me wrong.... I LOVE Vons- but milk for $1.79 versus 5.99.... HELLO!!! :)

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