Monday, July 6, 2009

Overheard Playground Talk

SO- I wanna tell you about my personal challenge, that I want you all to take part in. But first- I have to talk about my observations today at the park!

There were two little girls at the park playing together. They must have know each other from previous play dates, b/s there Mom's were sitting on a blanket together chatting away. (no where near the playground either!) The easiest way to refer to each little girl is by the color shirts they were wearing, one in green, and one in yellow. Here are the conversations I over heard.

Green: Can I be your Best Friend?
Yellow: Ummm... I don't know.
Green: Why? Puhleeeease!!!
Yellow: Ummm....No, because you don't do what I tell you to do.
Green: SUPER sad, and sits down.
Yellow: Trots away happily.

I don't understand little girls. Why do they have to ASK to be best friends? Shouldn't they just BE friends??? UGH! 

Then, after I over heard that conversation, Paisley was off playing tag with some older kids, and they two girls (yellow and green) sat down (near me) and played with Paisley's sand toys. Paisley had already asked them if they wanted to sit and play with her- but the "yellow" said "NO!" and ran off. (do you see a trend?)  This is what happened next:

Yellow: Let's play with these toys. They are mine.
Green: They are??? Ok!
Yellow:  I am going to dig a hole.
Green: Okay, so am I
Yellow: NO you are NOT!! (takes sand toys away from green!)
*Paisley walks over now
Paisley: Hi! If you guys want to play with my sand toys, you need to share! (Atta girl!!!)
Yellow: No I don't, these are MY toys.
Paisley walks over to me and is sad. I tell her to go back and tell them that they are her toys and she is sharing. She does.
Yellow:  Gets up and attempts to walk away with Paisley's buckets and shovels.
Yellow: Come on Green, this girl is mean! 
ME!!!: Excuse me girls- if you want to play, these toys stay right here. These are her toys and she is sharing with you!

The two girls walked away toyless, and Yellow looked back at me and said "I don't like them!" 

This is the one thing I can not stand about some little girls. I know it is most likely from the lack of parenting and Paisley WILL NOT , EVER be like this to anyone else. I expect her to be nicer, and kinder to other people. I started talking with some other mom about these two little girls, and her and I both agreed that not all little girls act like this. (WHEW!) It would kill me to know that Paisley talks down to other people and that she thinks she is better. Seeing this reminds me to constantly teach my daughter about kindness and compassion. 


FosterFamily4 said...

AMEN SISTA!!!! Parents never cease to amaze me...seriously! I canNOT stand, nor will I ever let my child talk disrespectfully to me or another person, ESP in public. But some people just shrug it off like it's no big deal...It's no big deal that your CHILD just put you in your place in front of another adult? I think not. Either nip it in the bud now...or pay the consequences in 10 years when your child thinks they rule the roost.

This is one reason I enjoy hanging out with you and *P*...Our parenting styles are similar and we don't sugar coat everything to our children. If you say something MEAN IT. Period. A child WILL catch on.

Personally, I think children are happier knowing their boundaries...and obviously, the two little girls in which you were referring to in your story...sounds like Mommy just doesn't care how her child speaks to others, which is only a reflection of the Mothers parenting style. A child will be a child, right? Wrong.

Getting off my soap box now! How frustrating. Should have had Mckayla with you to KEE YAI them!!! Just kidding =).

Our Family of Four said...

Don't worry Kalyn - kids learn how to act from their parents and you and Tommy have taught Paisley better than that. She is such a sweet girl, just like her mama :o)

Lizzie Fish said...

She would NEVER say that kind of stuff. You remember our two chickies in the car? Them: We're BEST FRIENDS!! Us: do you remember each other? Them: NOPE!

That's how WE roll...and dividing and saying who's who is what little girls DO but at you're right, it can be done in a kind way, at least w/o being so hurtful and mean. My bet is that Yeller's mama acts just like that. Lucky for P you are NOTHING like that!!!

Kalyn said...

I love you girls! ;) hahaha.....
Thanks! :)

Steph said...

this whole post made me sad. mean kids break my heart...i just don't get the reason for it all!

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