Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm being Honest Here.....

....I'm falling in Love with Walmart! 

Targét still rocks the house on home decor, and clothes, but you can't beat Wally's food prices!!!

We just got back from my weekly trip to Super Walmart and it is lookin' good!!! There was even more stuff on the shelf, and it looks AMAZING!!! The people were very friendly (much to my surprise!) and I was actually smiling while I was there. I know!!! AMAZING!!!

While looking for a better juice option for Paisley, I stumbled upon a drink called "Honest Kids" it is USDA Organic, and they come in recyclable pouches (like Capri Suns, minus about 25 grams of sugar!) There is no High Fructose Corn Syrup and it has a full day's of vitamin C in them. We got the "Berry Berry Good Lemonade" and I am excited for Paisley to try it out! Oh- and it was only $3.98 making each pouch only $0.50! Yay! ;) HERE is the website!!! 


Lizzie Fish said...

I've seen it, too...but the second ingredient is sugar!!! Somebody out there, I forget who, makes 100% juice mixed with water...then there's no added sugar, even though juice by itself has plenty.

Sorry...I'm just being grouchy because I can't stand for anyone else to be happy. Of course I mean with Wal-Mart (wink).

I'm glad you're saving tons of money on your food products, though. Hold on, let me come up with something else positive to say....okay: I like your hair. Yay.

Kalyn said...

nuh-uh!!!! - wait, you're right. It's "Cane Sugar" I'll take that anyday over HFC. :)

Your hair is cute too! ;)

Lizzie Fish said...

you're right that FAKE sugar is the devil, but nutritionally, sugar is sugar. cane, beet, fake, whatever. imo juice is better even though it has tons of sugar on its own.....which is guess is my big annoying soapbox. why don't they just put in more JUICE so at least your little jellybean can get some nutrients with her sweetness?

oh right, b/c juice is more expensive and this IS wal-mart we're talking about.


i love you so much! xoxoxo

McCoyFamily said...

I love our new Super Walmart:)

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