Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saving Money Challenge!

OK- so I know it is Tuesday, and I really wanted to start this personal challenge on Monday, but we can just start a day late! :) What I want to do, is challenge ourselves to see in how many ways in our life we can save money.  Whether it be by shopping at a different grocery store or by shopping online, (most grocery stores waive the delivery fee if you spend a certain amount!) there are so many ways to save money.  I am SO on that Savings Train, and I want to challenge all you- my friends, to do the same! We may be dorks.... but at leas we'll have more money!!! :)

Here are some fun ways to save money!

1. Recycle, and cash it in.
2. Save your change in a change jar.
3. Cut Coupons
4. Price check at various stores
5. Write down everything you buy in one day, you'll be surprised!
6. Cook at home
7. Drive in a line (ie: plan out where you need to go in the day=saves gas)
8. Get rid of a home phone, and up your cell bill by only a few dollars! It works!
9. Pay off credit card bills faster, gets rid of high interest. 
10.  Go to the beach/park more often, and pack a lunch.
11. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS!!!!! (unplug too- it WILL save electricity!)
12. Only run the dishwasher/Laundry when it is a FULL load.
13. Pay the $8 to get your car washed. It uses less water and it is treated b4 it goes in the ocean where when at home, it goes straight into the ocean and uses almost 3x as much water!
14. Drink at home- not bars!
15. Make a shopping list, and ONLY buy what is on it.

** These are just a few ways to save money..... what do you do to save???



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