Thursday, May 17, 2007

...and another thing

(yes- I was in bed, and had to get back up, outta bed to write this, so hopefully I can have a restfull night.)

Did you see Cali standing in the back of the church, while Izzie was sitting in the Church pew?
Can you believe Burkes vows??? I would be putty in that mans hands if he said those words to me.
HOW funny did "Yang" look with no eye brows??? That was good. Really good.
Can you believe McDreamy had the cachungas to say to Meredith that that girl was the highlight of his week???
WHO is that new "Gray" intern coming in , is G.A. doing a expansion on the cast? I hope not.
I think it is weird how they are sending "Addison Shepard" to her own new show. I like her- it's to bad.
WHO is the new Chief of Surgery. I heard Cali say she got it, but I think she was lying. Because then they showed Derrick declining the offer to Chief. I am confused. So confused.


Liz said...

No, no, no. Calli got chief RESIDENT....there's a big difference!!!

Yeah, I can't stand Meredith. And she walks like an ogre.

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