Thursday, May 31, 2007

"Fow Fow's"

as Paisley calls them- are always fresh and in perfect bloom when I drive into my complex. There is this one unit, I would assume a woman lives there, who always has fresh flowers on her kithcen table. She always has her blinds wide open so everyone can see them too. I love it. It has become a game to me. Every time I drive into the complex, I look to see what she has! Around Mothers day she had 2 dozen red roses, last week she had huge gerbera daisys, this week she has about 15-20 Lilly's White ones and reddish maroon ones. So... it got me thinking.... if you could have one thing every week- and money wasn't an issue... what you you want? Fresh fruit from the farm? Fresh squeezed Orange juice, a personal trainer. What?

I would like to have once a day- every week, someone wash and dry my hair for me. It NEVER looks the same after you leave the salon!! Whenever I walk out of the salon- I feel like singing .....


Liz said...

WOW...what a question!!! Okay, if I could have one thing once a week that I don't already get, it would be a facial. I like the blowout idea, too, but I LOVE a good facial with lots of extractions and exfoliation.

Great news on the jumper, too! I LOVE THAT WEBSITE! =)

Okay, see you soon!

Brandi said...


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