Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Good People.

SO, apparently there are some good people or companies I should say, left in this world. Today I had two mishaps happen, and both parties succeeded my expectations of what was going to happen. After receiving not one but two misprinted orders of my photos from The Kodak Gallery, one my fault, they offered to re send them to me again, on a rush order, and again all prints free and fixed! :) This just re-assures my dedication to such a wonderful company. Way to go Kodak Gallery, you're the bomb!
Secondly, my mom ordered Paisley a really cute outfit from Bugs and Blossoms, my favorite online boutique, and the jumper fit very odd. It turns out it was a mild defect in the cut if the jumper, and after telling Amy, the owner of this boutique, she gladly told me she would exchange it (again, I already had once b/c it was to small) and allowed me to get an entire new article of clothing with just paying the difference. :) Amy~you are a GREAT and I will ALWAYS be your #1 fan! Thanks Bugs and Blossoms!!!

SO there you have it folks- my two WONDERFUL experiences today...


Brandi said...

I love when customer service actually serves the customer!

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