Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Double D's

means Double Digits!!! Today is a day to celebrate. I have lost 10 lb.!!!!! Woo-Woo. (insert happy dance) I have not broken my eating plan once, and I am working out almost every day. (just being honest) I think the biggest part has been me stopping "Zero" and the GS.

The GS was like a crack addiction, I had to do it cold turkey. I think I even went through a few of the withdrawals associated with crack addictions. I got this really weird twitch in my left eye the other day- I started drooling when I would drive by any GS location, and I can now randomly list the flavors in alphabetical order and in numeric caloric order. The GS and I were on a first name basis with eachother. Our friendship began around the 8th month of my pregnancy. That is when we became BEST friends. We would see eachother every day, or sometimes twice a day. SHHH. don't tell anyone. It was an innocent friendship at first- just a small with a topping, then I learned the know-hows of the friendship. The small turned into a large, and the one topping turned into a " Can you split my toppings into three please? Oreo cookies, Peanut butter cups, and M&M's and hey-while your at it- add a side of hot fudge. Just for good luck" Then I backed off- it got too intense. SO now- as I write this, I remeber the good ol days. But today is just my day- my day to enjoy the ten ponds lost and say goodbye to GS. Maybe not forever- but at least until my goal weight is reached. What is that you say? Do I want a GS? Of course I do. She was my best of friends. But sometimes the best friendships need to be lost, and refound at a later time in life. For some reason, all I keep thinking right now is the famous quote "Tis better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.


sarah b said...

Wow, great job! What is your goal by the way!?

Maria said...

Congrats! That's absolutely terrific. I hope you're totally proud of yourself, you should be!

Brandi said...

Congrats! I'm at about 5lbs...its hard, but i like it when the clothes feel too big :)

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