Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I am an admitted thief.

I read my good friend Liz's blog (or how Paisley says "Zzzz") and she did a post on her 8 favorite places to be. So it made me think. Where are MY 8 favorite places to be? Hmmm... let me sit here and ponder for a minute.


1. Sitting on my parents front porch. Looking at ABSOLUTELY nothing but blue sky- and green hills. (and an occasional cow)
2. Sitting in my parents hammock in their back yard- listening to absolutely nothing but the leaves blowing in the wind, and birds fighting over my Moms latest bird seed mix.
3. Red Rock Canyon in Santa Barbara. Floating on a raft- and watching the cliff jumpers.
4.In my bed, on a cold night, with warm covers, and then that spot when you roll over, and it is cold all over again.
5.In a coffee shop. Alone.
6. Kauai. Every inch of that Island.
7. Next to a campfire. I love every thing about campfires. Memories, conversations, the smell.
and last but not least
8. Sitting under my Daddy in Heavens Tree. If you know me- you know where. Say no more.


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