Monday, August 13, 2007

A Hearfelt Dedication

One of my closest friends is about to experience a very heartwarming time. Her husband is coming home from 8 months of a deployment for a 2 week visit. Hearing how excited she and her daughter are makes me realize how excited I am to do the little things with my husband too.

Today we went to the beach with Paisley, and I watched them play for 30+ minutes digging in the sand. They are so cute together and it just makes me melt every time. Tommy is my life. Paisley is my life. WIthout these two, I don't know what I would do. I feel like over the past 3 months our relationship has grown more than ever. During tough times with Paisley we are learning together how to make things work. We are parents and we are in this together. Paisley will be two tomorrow, and it seems like just yesterday we looked at each other with eyes wide open, like "Wow, we are PARENTS."

I guess my point in all of this is it is so nice (like my friend has) to have a husband to depend on, to call your best friend, and to share your deepest secrets with. No matter how far away they might be, they are still there in heart. He is not only my husband, or the father of my child, but he is my best friend.

I am SOOOO excited for YOU and I can't wait. :)


Brandi said...

Its all warm & fuzzy around here. LOVE IT. I did a shout out to Paisley on my blog...hope you don't mind.

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