Sunday, August 12, 2007


Every SUPERMOM has a Kryptonite. Mine just so happens to be Birthday Parties. I had more fun planning the party fr the past 4 months then the actual day. (kinda)

The day started off wrong by bad planning on my part- well mostly the city of Vista's, but I'll own up and just say my part. When Tommy went over to start putting things out on the park tables- he saw a sign. He immediately called me and this is what I heard " Babe? Ummm... don't freak out or anything, but the park has already been "officially" reserved." My response was a long silence. For the past 4 months I have had this party planned in my head. Where serving trays would go, where the cupcake tree would be, how many balloons would be on this table, and that table- I had it ALL mapped out. So when switching parks, and having to call almost 30 people was my new morning agenda- I freaked. Just a little. Once I calmed down from that hoop-la, I asked Tommy to feed Paisley while I (continued) to call people. I came around the corner to check on Paisley just in time to see her scoop her yogurt out of the bowl, and place two handfuls on her head. Niiiiiiiiice. So then, when switching parks, calling almost 40 people, AND giving my child a bath at 9 am was my new morning agenda- I freaked. Just a little. Overall, the party was a HUGE success- even with switching parks, calling almost 50 people, and throwing my kid in the bath all before 9am. I owe a HUGE thank you to all my friends who came early to help me. *You know who you are* It would not have been the same without your help. Looking at the photos from yesterday, I realized, I did a DAMN good job. It looked like someone barf (sorry Liz) Pink and Green- and that was EXACTLY the look I was going for. :) I had pink and green Jelly beans, Pink and green Polka Dot'd Fruit sticks, Pink and Green bouncy balls thrown all over the grass, 4 dozen Balloons all in Pink and Green (of course) Pink and green polka dot table cloths, pink and green cupcakes, you name it- it was pink, and green, AND polka dot'd. :)

Paisley was SO spoiled, and had SO many presents to open. Our number one favorite was our Easel from the Fischer girls. Liz- always comes up with GREAT gift ideas and instead of copying her- she just went ahead and bought us our own for our new playroom in our new home! (9-21-07) The big hit of the party was the Bike. All the kids helped open the box, and they all said in unison- "OOOOOH-AHHHHHH" when we pulled the bike out of the box, it was hysterical. Tommy and I are keeping most of the toys a secret until the big reveal (playroom). Last but not least- my wonderful husband, he was SUCH a trooper- and calmed me down and told me it was all going to be ok, and that a little adjustments never hurt anyone. :) I guess when he got out of the car, and my bestest gal pal Liz was there to give me a BIG hug, he leaned over and said to her " So, I heard you had a party at your house.... We are SOOOO doing that next year." Hahahaha.... I love my man- and I love how he can say the most appropriate things at the right time. :)

Paisley, Tommy, and I thank all of you for being there- we were surrounded by those we love, and who we love the most. Thank you for making this a polka-dot'd day we will never forget!!


Brandi said...

Sounds like it all turned out well. Happy Birthday Paisley!! If i remember correctly, its Tuesday, right? Our anniversary. Happy stuff to us all :)

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