Sunday, August 26, 2007

"International Let your Husband Sleep in Day"

Today was a GREAT morning. We just got back from out first real Family day. I loved it. I am not used to the Mon.- Fri. work week, and REALLY not used to him leaving before 4am and not getting home until 7pm but that's another story.

Yesterday we made sure we did all the normal house things so all day we could spend "time" together. At exactly 7:08am I woke up to a beautiful sound. It was raining. Hard. I rolled over, and it was dark, rainy, and had loud thunder rolling. No one was awake yet but me. GLORIOUSNESS. I walked out to my living room and peered out into the dark sky and stood there and watched it rain. No Paisley screaming, no Tommy farting (sorry). Nothing. Just me and the rain. * Have I ever told you how much I love rainy Sunday mornings? A few minutes later Paisley woke up, and we stood on our porch and watched it rain and listened to the thunder. Something she is now a new fan of. Really. I left the lights off, I out the TV on low, I opened all our windows, and I sat there for another 30 minutes just enjoying the rain.

By 9:30 I decided that it was time for Tommy to get up so we could start our Family time. We had decided to go to the beach and walk around- sun or no sun. On our way there, (it had stopped raining for almost an hour by now) all of a sudden- there was a DOWNPOUR! Every car came to a screeching halt, and the freeway was instantly flooded. It was crazy! It literally felt like the sky was falling. Now, I love me a good rain, but, certainly NOT when I am driving. Sadly, we saw 4-5 accidents happen, and I just kept on trucking at a safe speed of 15 mph.

We went to the beach- and had a good walk. The sky was black, but the ocean was a gorgeous shade of aquamarine. We really felt like we were in Hawaii. After the beach, we headed over to "That Pizza Place" for some grub. What's a "Family Day" without Pizza, right? Paisley rode the horsy about 20 times, she played video games, won a stuffed "Nemo" out of the stuffed-animal-grabber-thing and all was well with the world.

**Whats with the title you ask? Yesterday (and today) I decided that it was "International I love You Day" and Tommy said "No, it is International Let Your Husband Sleep in Day" So after 5 mornings of 14+ hour work days.... I caved. :)


Liz said...

oh, i'm we have the same brain? because i think we do...HOW FUNNY!!!

and we even used the same word. really...great minds, kalyn. great minds.

Maria said...

Sounds like the PERFECT day!!! I watched the rain while I was supposed to be listening to a sermon...Matt thought is was great though.

Brandi said...

rain in san diego? no way.

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