Monday, August 27, 2007

Throwin' a Hot Dog Down a Hallway.

SO- I got my snacks ready, wrote down a list of the moving companies to call, and took in a deep breathe. THis has been a task I have been dreading. Seeing as it is almost the first of the month, I figured, I better get with the program and hire our movers already. I had previously called two companies, but got discouraged when I heard of the $147.00 an hour rates....HOW would we be able to afford this with Tommy being in the Academy right now and me not marketing my little business, because I am too busy packing??? SO, I was prepared to be let down again. THEN.... I called Starving Students. (insert loud chiming church music hear) They were FABULOUS!!!! I had been searching their website for the previous hour, and started to really like the way they presented themselves. For only $84.99an hr. 3 guys will come and move me. Aint that sweet? SO... no all I have to do is call our cable, and SDG&E to move our accounts. Golly gee... moving sure is fun! No- really though, with a little help from two VERY good friends of mine, Paisley will be occupied for the few days we make the transition, and with my Mom's help and of course.... Starving Students, this should be like throwing a hot dog down a hallway..... nice and easy!!

* Please do not say anything bad about this company. The movers are said and done. You wouldn't wanna risk might hurt my little feelings, now would ya?

...and no. They are not actually "Starving" or actual "Sudents" who move us. They are a licensed and insured REAL moving company. So there.


Liz said...

Way to go, bargain hunter! My very smart friend from San Diego used this company and she did have a couple of starving students...but she fed them lots of donuts and Subway and she was VERY PLEASED with the results!!!

At first I though you were making a vaguely dirty comment with your a pencil in a mine-shaft...hahahaha

Brandi said...

Anytime you don't have to move yourself it is a blessing. I don't care how much it costs. TRUST ME.

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