Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh yeah-

one more thing... Brooke and I took the kiddos to the Beach today b/c Legoland is closed on Tue. & Wed. At the end of our Beach extravaganza, we stripped them down to their B-day suits, and washed them off in the water. I was off putting toys in the car and Paisley saw Logan naked. Can you see where this is going??? She bent over- and looked towards Logans UH-HEM- MANHOOD- and said "Oh no LO-LO.... Boo-Boo" HAHAHAHA. yeah.


liz said...

hahaha...when paul was changing one day, carly barged in on him and all i heard was "OH NO! DADDY POOPING!!!!"

she spent the rest of the afternoon telling him that poop doesn't go in the pants, it goes in the potty.


Maria said...

That's okay, Carly likes to point to Andy's in the tub and try and put bubbles on it!
Oh wait, sorry Liz. Maybe I shouldn't have shared that about your little one ;-D

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