Saturday, November 24, 2007

I am Thankfull for...

* In no particular order*
1. Paisley. That's a dead give away
2. Tommy for giving me a Healthy Marriage
3. Loving and supportive Family
4. 21 years long Friendships ;)
5. Photos to capture moments on film that I will forget in 10 years.
6. Golden Spoon (despite its calorie content)
7. Email
8. A house over my head
9. Granparents
10. BOOP
11. The guys who sell newspapers on the corner b/c it reminds me Life DOES give you second chances.
12. Target
13. A backyard...
14. ....with grass and flowers.
15. OK- and a gardener. :)
16. Solvang, Ca.
17. My Education
18. My optimistic outlook on life.
19. Trust
20. The color Red
21. Night Time Dimetapp
22. Slippers
23. Did I mention Golden Spoon?
24. Mrs. Fisch
25. Nice People that work at Wallmart (in case I do HAVE to go in that wretched place)
25. Birthdays
26. Double Coupons at Vons
27. Hearts (the shape. I love em)
28. Lucky numbers
29. Sunshine
30. The Beach

ok... I'll stop for now. But there really is about 500 more things :)


Sarah D said...


liz said...

my husband gets a number, but not ME???

kalyn said...

liz..... RE-READ it. You DORK.

liz said...

HAHAHA I'm such a nerd!!! I missed the S!!!


Chelle, Mike, Max, and Maggie said...

interesting your favorite shape is a heart but you named your daughter Paisley?! I'm thinking paisleys come first then hearts :o)

brooke2916 said...

Awe I got my own #!! We're thankful for you too!!

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