Sunday, January 6, 2008

My SuperSTAR

Today is day two of our Potty Training experience. Paisley only had one accident last night, and none today. She is making my job so easy for me- and I am really enjoying all the floor time, literally, with my baby.. I mean Big Girl. Paisley got a flu bug yesterday and threw up 3 times. She was such a trooper through all of it. We would be playing with the ball in the hallway- she'd get a blank stare on her face, cough, I'd pick her up- RUN (like hell) to the bathroom- she'd throw-up and go right back throwing the ball ALL while doing perfect with going pee-pee on the Paw-yee.

There are some moments in life where you step back and appreciate what you have in your life- and this is one of them!

Way to go Bubbas....we are SO proud! :)


brooke2916 said...

What a big girl! That bug she got must have been the juice... cause Lolo is STILL not himself 4 days later! I'm so proud of her!

Brandi said...

That is fantastic!

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