Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday's Fun Facts

1. I secretly love to buy pads of paper.Usually ones that are spiral bound. :)
2. I drink Tea every night, w/ two tea bags.
3. I am secretly (but not after this post) infatuated w/ Britney Spears.
4, I still have my blnaket, 1st cabbage patch, and favorite stuffed animal from childhood. All in my room :)
5. I can wind surfe, rock climb, scuba dive, and sail a boat. okay- a SMALL boat.


Ghia said...

I know it's early right now...but LET'S SCRAP TODAY!!!

Our Family of Four said...

I love it when you reveal your quirks!

brooke2916 said...

I have a secret obsession with pens... have since I was a kid. I absolutly LOVE buying a good pen. A couple of years ago, I found a pen store at South Coast Plaza, and I was in heaven. They sold Cartier pens and Gucci pens. Some women like purses, I like pens. Would I ever spend $1000 on a pen, probably not (unless I somehow ended up being a millionaire, then HELL YES). But, I also REALLY love a good spiral notebook :) The school supply section at the store is a favorite for me!

Lizzie Fish said...

this is supercute! quirky fridays - niiiice =)

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