Thursday, February 21, 2008

Paisley the Lioness

Tken straight out of the book "The Book of The ZODIAC"

A Leo Child is: Sunny and friendly, has bottomless well of energy, is moving more than still, loves games and physical play, loves to be ther center of attention, likes to be waited on. Most Leo's enjoy the limelite at school and often take the lead. As they grow up, they will be attracted to the opposite sex and fall in and out of love. Their emotions will be turbulent and often dramatic. Leo girls are naturally happiest when doing something physical.

Grrrrreat. Looks like I have my hands full for a while! You don't even want to hear the rest! Basically- my sweet, innocent, little girl will be just like me! :0 WHOA!

Not much going on right now. Paisley and I are both getting over good head colds- as I am sure everyone is. I have this awful cough- and it sucks!!! Tommy let me sleep in today, that was nice. Then we went for a walk at the pier- and Paisley got to jump in rain puddles with her new rain boots. She had a blast! okay- off to go count things in spanish with P. She counts EVERYTHING in sight. "Look Maw-mee.... uno, toes, tray, duardo, CINCO!"



Our Family of Four said...

Well that explains ALOT... Max is a Leo too! If she's anything like my little bundle of energy, and she TOTALLY sounds like she is, we are in for a long, very active haul! No wonder they potty trained almost EXACTLY the same :o)

Lizzie Fish said...

so this is what we can expect? after what we've been used to? hold on, let me google carly...

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