Wednesday, March 26, 2008

FAVORITE Product!!!

Since I am neck deep in Spring Cleaning, I decided to let the floors dry, and take some computer time to tell you all about my newest favorite products...

These products are wonderful- and clean better than anything I have ever used before. Okay- I must admit- I don't actually KNOW a lot about cleaning products because that would mean I actually clean a lot, which is not true. But my Mom loves them too, and her house is impecable! :) It's kinda like you don't go to a hair stylist if you don't in fact like her hair, you know :)
Okay- the floors look dry, and Tommy is glaring at me. I told him this house would be spotless today- and I still have a good 1/2 of the house left!!!!

P.S Paisley's new Quilt came for her " Big Girl Bed" and I love it SO much more than what I saw on the internet. :) YAY!!!!


brooke2916 said...

Logan just saw your new picture at the top and said "look, Paisley just built me a big heart for my little heart. That was so nice of her!"

I'll have to try the cleaning products :)

Lizzie Fish said...

Those look so great!!! I've been dying to try them and I can't wait now that you did the test-run and say they work!

This is kind of like going to a hairstylist when she doesn't butcher your friend's hair first.

I'm loving these last few posts, but I MISS CALIFORNIA!!!! OMG!!!

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