Thursday, March 27, 2008

I love my FRIENDS!!!!

How is it that you can have a friend for a year- and be just as close to them as you have been with friends you've had for over 15 years? I think that God, (or whoever you believe in) has set people in your life that you are supposed to meet at certain times in your life. Sometimes those friendships will last a lifetime, and sometimes they will be short lived. Some over a long distance, or just a mile down the road. I've tried to understand this concept, any it just makes my brain hurt. So, today I just go with the flow, and am thankful for the people involved in my and Paisley's life and those wanting to be a part of it. Other than marriage- I think friendships is one of the things that takes the most work. To a certain point. It obviously shouldn't be TOO hard, but yet- it takes constant work and growth. Once the friendship is off balance- it will fail. Both people need to be putting in equal amounts of effort, and love. It breaks my heart when I see one friend putting in so much, and the other friend not caring as much. I know we ALL have "one of those"!! I love my friends, and I think being an only child has made me appreciate each friend that much more. My friends are like my sisters- and I can't imagine my life without them!


Lizzie Fish said...

awww...this isn't about me, i know, but hey did you know that our anniversary is coming up so soon! we should do a beach vpd to celebrate. =)

Kalyn said...

A) yes it was. It is about ALL my REALLY GOOD friends!!! and B) I know. I already have something planned :)

Lizzie Fish said...

does it involve a beach????

coordinating outfits PERHAPS???

Kalyn said...

nope. You'll see.... BTW- our Ann. is not until May. :)

brooke2916 said...

Aw, Kalyn! We love you too! It really is funny how you can know someone for a shorter amount of time and be just as close to those we've known for ages.


brooke2916 said...

Okay, I hope you still love me after this.... But: PLEASE please please!!! Change the song! You know I love me some Ingrid.... but I check your blog ALOT (call me a little addicted to the world of blogging.... thanks Liz!), and she is getting old! (okay, please don't hate me!)


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