Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos of Phun Days 11-20.

YEAH!!!! Photos of Phun are here!!! Aren't you excited??? I bet you were counting down the days.... WOO-HOO!!!!!!

Day 11: Strawberry Pickin'

Day12: Dance Class

Day 13: Legoland (miniature Golf)

Day 14: Arts & Crafts Inside

Day 15: Davis Family Fun

Day 16: Flower Fields

Day 17: Kite Flying

Day 18: Aunt Jackie & Coldstone

Day 19: Picnic at the Park
** Image Coming**
Day 20: Daddy and Me Day
**No photo, so enjoy this one**

Days 21-30 will be here in nine days.... start your countdown!!!! :P


brooke2916 said...

Okay. Can you REALLY count that as fun?? Really? I think you may need to extend another day. Hahahaha!!!

Lizzie Fish said...

hey - i commented back.

and really - could you BE MORE VEHEMENT next time? i didn't quite get your point.


Lizzie Fish said...

hi, it's me again. don't make me wait a whole week for another post, okay? seroiusly.

brooke2916 said...

Yeah, I'm with Liz. I think you need to do a little updating! Go get to it :)

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