Thursday, May 8, 2008


OKay.... so our cruise is in 4 days, and Tommy and I are so excited. We will be gone for 5 nights, and we are SOO looking forward to spending quality time together, and making wonderful memories. The weather should be about 90 degrees in Cabo, so I plan on coming home with a tan!!! We just booked one on shore excursion, and we plan to do another. We are getting a couples massage and wrap- then all the fun stuff on the boat. Has anyone been on a cruise before and have any pointers???


Lizzie Fish said...

have i told you already that i can't wait for photos??? it's going to be SO FUN. i have no pointers because oh my word, you couldn't PAY me to get on a boat for five days, but i'll cross my fingers that "memories" are the only things you're makin'


Heather said...

coming out of lurkdom:

I've been on 10 cruises. I (obviously) LOVE them. What do you want to know?

Have fun!!!

Shamelessly Sassy said...

Have fun on your trip!!And post lots of pictures!

Kalyn said...

Hi Heather.... welcome out of Lurkdom! I want to know EVERYTHING!!! How does it work, what should I expect? Tell me all of it!! You can email me if you want!!!!


Heather said...

I don't see your email. LOL

... Mine is prncesh1 (at) hotmail

You guys are going to have SO MUCH FUN. :)

brooke2916 said...

I've been on one cruise... and it was a blast! We spent every night in the dance club... and I'm really not much of a dancer (let alone club goer!) But it was a lot of fun. My only advise is to not plan everything ahead of time, take some time just to wander around and check things out... and relax!!

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