Friday, May 23, 2008

Greys FREAKING Anatomy

WOW. I am speechless. I'm not normally a dork or a stalker, what have you- about TV shows.... but this just takes the cake of any TV Drama.


Lizzie Fish said...

paul couldn't handle all the dramatics of the final episode. i think there were one (or five) too many speeches for him.

but it was SO GOOD! they did such a good job of wrapping up the season even though i was a little grossed out by the girl on girl action. i mean, really. callie needs to start fielding in her own league. she is WAY HOTTER than erica.

Our Family of Four said...

No kidding... Erica and Callie were the big disappointment. But the rest was AWESOME. Even my mom, who isn't a regular watcher, tuned in and said to me... who is the fantastically handsome doctor (i.e. McDreamy). So funny!

Kalyn said...

Even though, I for one, am not fo girl on girl action- I am glad it happened. I just LOVED how she was telling the HS girl about who cares what others think- meanwhile in her confused little head, she was thinking about her own life.... at that point in the show- it NEEDED to happen. I read the Writers blog thing- and I like how the writer Shonda, writes from the end of the season back- it makes it pretty interesting... she said in her blog- that she alreay has season 5's finale written- and has to start on the earlier episodes....... SO excited :)

Shamelessly Sassy said...

loved this episode..LOVED IT! I was sort of glad Callie & Hahn kissed. I'm sort of glad that everyone got to kiss someone haha.

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